Why the Baby Café Model Works


Established Model

The detailed guidelines in the Baby Café Toolkit provide facilitators with a clear and consistent model of care to follow, that works successfully in a variety of settings. Thanks to proven approaches and support resources, setting up and running a Baby Café site can be straightforward and time-efficient for staff involved. 



The Baby Café concept is flexible and can be adapted to accommodate different community profiles and ensure that every mother receives high quality care. Baby Cafés can take place in a variety of locations and are facilitated by suitably qualified IBCLC lactation consultants, CLCs, CLSs, CLEs, and other approved breastfeeding counselors. Funding can come from sources such as hospital, government or community funds and grants.


Effective Branding 

The Baby Café model of care is reflected in its brand, both at national and local levels. The Baby Café, together with its visual representation and the associated standards, is synonymous with breastfeeding, quality, and an informal, relaxed atmosphere. 


High Standard of Care

Visitors know what to expect when they visit a Baby Café site and they can be confident of a high standard of care. Moms value the experience and support they receive at their local Baby Cafés. Baby Café USA monitors standards and has established procedures to address complaints.


Ongoing Support

Baby Café USA offers ongoing individual support  to all facilitators via email and phone. Our website provides each Baby Café with an individual page for local publicity and our update newsletters keep facilitators abreast of the latest news and innovative ideas. Facilitators of licensed Baby Cafés also have exclusive access to our comprehensive bank of resources such as templates, audit tools, translated materials, invitations, and publicity materials. Additionally, by providing data collection tools (see Examples of Statistical Data), Baby Café USA makes it easy for facilitators to audit and monitor their work. Sponsoring organizations can be confident in their investment in a flexible, effective form of health care delivery.



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